Year of the Ox zine

  • Year of the Ox zine
  • Year of the Ox zine
  • Year of the Ox zine
  • Year of the Ox zine
  • Year of the Ox zine

Our third Queer Lunar New Year zine, ‘Year of the Ox’ edition features 21 queer Asian contributors from around the world. The zine showcases poetry, prose, visual art and photography. Our Ox zine explores themes of anti-capitalism, connection with land, lunar new year ceremonies and the queer Asian diaspora.

Thanks to our contributors:
Kika Man 文詠玲 | Blue (fka Jude) Nguyen  | Ryan Shen | Leaf Silver | Hiếu Phùng | anonymous | Sarah Yeung (楊静雯) | Joyce Junxi Cheng | Levin Tan | Victoria X Xu |  Misty| Judy Kuo | Frog the Parhelia | Claudia Yang |  Coral |  Lana Phạm |
Janelle Koh | Elizabeth Mathers-Meeks | Rômy McCoy |
Michelle Devlin | Rachel Lau | Carmen H

Our A5 zine is a 52-page full colour spread and printed on 120gsm 100% post-consumer recycled paper + 300gsm 100% post-consumer recycled paper (cover).

First published in 2021 and printed by Print Together.

Thanks to Aphids ‘No Contest Art Prize’ for financially supporting our zine this year.

Limit of 2 items per purchase

Published on Kulin Nations (Narrm/Melbourne) Australia.

20% of profits go towards Wuurn of Kanak, a LandBack initiative.